Grow a Million trees ━ 

A Forest in Every City

India has now become the most populated country, with each passing day we are depleting our natural resources with one of them being the trees which is of utmost importance not just to humanity but also to the different animal species and birds. By cutting the trees for our selfish purpose, we are directly or indirectly also responsible for deforestation, habitat loss for species, air pollution, reduction in oxygen. And with the increased population we have also dented our fellow humans livelihood as there exists lack of affordability with a sizeable number of citizens living below poverty line.

Manosansar aims to run a massive plantation drive called “Grow a Million Trees - A Forest in Every City” where the key focus will be to plant trees in barren & unused lands in order to increase forest cover in and around cities, villages, support agroforestry to help farmers who cannot afford to have a sustainable life, as well as raise awareness among people about the importance of green cover.

Our endeavour is not just to support and fix the immediate needs, we want this to be a long term solutions for each and every one of us and for the livelihood of every human-being, animal, birds and also the species that co-exists with us. We want to create a sustainable future for generations to live hassle free and carefree in a healthier & greener environment.


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Spread the Word