Amur Falcon Conservation ━ 

The Amur Falcon is a migratory raptor and a small resilient bird that makes the daring voyage from breeding grounds in Russia and China to winter in southern Africa. Their main habitat type is forests, grasslands, wetlands, and Savanna.

Current Status

These species of birds come under the category of Least Concern under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. 

In their journey from Africa to Russia to Asian continent, these Amur Falcons visit the Northeast of India and spend nearly a month while foraging and roosting in those areas. 

Threats & Challenges

These birds face the constant threat of illegal trapping and killing during migration. Other than this the bird also faces habitat loss from agricultural practices and land reclamation.

In India, continuous efforts ae being put over the past few years to try and minimize the hunting & killing of these migratory birds to ensure that their numbers are not impacted and are able to sustain for a longer periods.


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