About Us  

Man comes from the blessings of my father, Man Singh and also your inner self. Sansar is the Universe, the entire space around us, the biodiversity, flora & fauna, social and ecological surroundings. Unnati being upliftment, empowering to create a better and sustainable tomorrow.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Mission

Conservation of biodiversity, natural resources to create sustainable universe and empowering livelihood around you.

Our Vision

To be an organization driving conservation, sustainable environment for the biodiversity and empowering the diverse communities.


No species of animals, birds, reptiles or any other wildlife can be conserved without providing and safeguarding it’s natural habitat and the environment around it. No flora or fauna can be conserved without safeguarding, educating & empowering the communities in and around the biodiversity who are the guardians of the ecosystem.

Empowerment & education provides understanding of importance of natural resources and endangered species which leads to knowledge and comprehending the necessity of conservation



Hi there, I'm Manmeet

I have always had a fascination & love towards nature, forests, being in the wild, seeing different species with each having their uniqueness and beauty. However, it was only until few years back when I had my first interaction with one of the big cats in the jungles of India and at that very moment, I knew that this was my destination.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to showcase the biodiversity of these jungles through my lens and have also worked towards introducing people to the wild, helping them learn and understand these forests that cover 19.5% of the total geographical area of the country.

Today, I not only work towards exploring more species, but am also actively involved in learning more about the environment, vast flora, fauna and its conservation. I am now actively involved in understanding the biodiversity across India & am working towards being an integral part of conserving the biodiversity, creating a sustainable and empowered ecosystem.